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Wagon Paints has been manufacturing industrial finishes and surface coating systems since 1975, with their Rhinofloor division going back to the mid 1950’s as a supplier of epoxy coatings. From a small, family-owned venture, the brand has since grown into one of the leading suppliers of high quality systems and coatings in Australia. Their products are Australian-owned and made, and have been tested against Australia’s different weather conditions. Wagon Paints is also the exclusive Australian member of Transocean Coatings, an international association of protective and marine coating manufacturers. This membership allows the brand to have access to special formulations for protective and marine coatings, as well as certifications to global standards, approvals to international specifications, and an impressive technical support of 15 manufacturers from all around the world.

Wide range of products


Wagon Paints’ wide range of products include their trademark Rhinofloor® coatings, which provides solutions to every concrete floor coating need. They are tough, aesthetically pleasing, and designed to both seal and protect your concrete floors against dust and water leaks, as well as delineate walkways and walk areas, maintain sanitary conditions in food processing plants and other similar environments, and improve lighting and noise in commercial carparks.

They also offer industrial products such as Epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, primers, and enamels.

  • Their primers protect metal substrates against corrosion and provides more than adequate adhesion for aluminium and galvanised steel.
  • Their enamels, on the other hand, are available in a wide range of colours that protect and decorate your products’ surfaces, and are available in the following variants: zip dry, rapid, purlenamel, and implement enamels.
  • Epoxy coatings protect against corrosion and harsh environments, and are available in Rhinamel® CC primer, Rhinozinc, and Epoxy ZP variants.
  • Lastly, their polyurethane coating, Rhinothane® is renowned for setting the standard for toughness, gloss, durability, and flexibility in protective two-pack coatings.

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