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Polishing Supplies

Auto Car Refinishing liquid Polish PerthAt Park Automotive, we understand that a high quality detail polishing process is required to make a spray job look amazing afterwards. We always sell our clients high quality detail polishing supplies, as well as proper polishing techniques, are necessary to produce the greatest finish! Needless to say, we provide paint detailing kits and paint polish that is tried and tested to work effectively. Rest assured that when you turn to us for professional detailing equipment, you will receive the best quality products available in the market.

We provide the following Spray Paint Detailing Supplies:

  • Compounds
  • Glazes
  • Waxes

Our Detailing & Refinishing Products

When you run a vehicle smash repair business or industrial or aerospace coatings workshop, it is highly important to have the correct tools and products. You will need the ideal type of clay bar, type of polish, a dual action polisher or a polishing pad. In catering to a wide range of customers, it is vital to stock a collection of waxes suitable for every particular colour. This is where we enter the picture.

At Park we have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable experts in the field of vehicle refinishing, polishing & detailing. We took the time to identify the market leaders in the detail, polish industry, stocking the best polishing products under one roof, we offer them to you at competitive prices and in various sizes. Whether you are looking for bulk buy products or wholesale products, we can provide you with the products your need for your business.

Staying close to our principle of providing absolute customer satisfaction, we assist our clients through every step of the buying process. Should you have questions, we are ready to answer you so you can get the professional detailing products that you need.

3M – the world leader in detailing supplies

3M Automotive Supplies Perth Adhesives Abrasives3M’s wide range of paint finishing products help body shops achieve a perfect finish quickly and efficiently.  3M polishes quickly and effectively remove compound swirl marks and produce an outstanding finish.

Juice Polishes

Automotive Refinishing Polish PerthDeveloped to specifically target the professional tradesman and tradeswomen in the automotive panel industry. Using only the finest materials available we continue to be a market leader, by concentrating on advances in technology and in collaboration with the worlds leading chemists and scientists. That’s why Juice products are ‘Professional Products for Professional People’. Featuring;



  • Race Wax
  • Super Cutting Compound
  • Q Cut Compound
  • Swirl Remover
  • Speed Wax
  • Rapid Wash and Wax
  • Show’n Shine
  • Pure Finish Wax
  • Clay Skin
  • Launch Pad
  • Juice Rocket Launch Pad
  • Micro Fibre Towel
  • Yellow Hand Applicator


Farecla Automotive Refinishing Polish The Farécla Automotive Range consists of the G360 Super Fast System and the well-known G3 liquid and paste car polishing compounds to remove P1500 or finer sanding marks, PERMANENTLY, across all automotive paint finishes – OEM and refinishing.


Gelson Automotive Refinishing Polish CarA highly sought after brand when it comes to buff pads and discs; foam pads, sealants, liquid polishes, microfibre cloths and rubbing compounds.




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