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Commercial vehicles play a vital role in the success of businesses, particularly with imaging, which is why they always have to be in optimum condition, both internally and externally. Imron Fleet Line is an advanced product system from Cromax that is suitable for refinishing commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, and trailers. The system includes undercoats and topcoats that are suitable for both VOC-regulated and non-VOC regulated markets.


The systems from Imron Fleet Line provide a comprehensive colour offering, which includes corporate shades and RAL and Australian Standard AS2700 Colours. You are given a choice of thinners and activators to let you customise the application of the products to meet your specific needs, while a complete undercoat package enables you to apply the Imron Fleet Line to a wide variety of substrates.


Imron Fleetline Paints PerthImron Elite, part of the Imron Fleet Line, has two binders – EL580 HS, a standard binder that delivers high shine and gloss on large, flat surfaces, and EL560 HDC that gives more complex structures a livelier, more robust appearance. Imron Fleet Line is the answer to all your commercial vehicle refinishing needs.


Park Automotive are Perth’s most well-known distributor of industrial automotive paint supplies and has been in the business for over 30 years. We are a competitive automotive paint supplier, offering products from trusted brands.  We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of vehicle refinishing products.


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