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Transocean has a wide product range of marine coatings, which are manufactured in certified factories according to ISO 9001.

Coatings developed to withstand the attack of chemicals, abrasion and extremes of weather.

Coatings which are certified by independent institutes, government bodies or classification societies.

Transocean paint systems meet for instance the stringent specifications such as the Norsok M-501 and ISO-20340 standards.


Keeping your ship in excellent condition with Transocean Marine

Painting steel is an efficient method of preventing corrosion as it forms a barrier against two factors needed for initiating the corrosion process: air (containing oxygen) and moisture. However, not all coatings can withstand the harsh marine environment. Therefore marine coatings are specially developed and tested in order to protect ships against corrosion. In addition it is important to realise that the performance of the paint is dependent on the quality of surface preparation and paint application.

We can advise the required coating system for your ship and provide the technical assistance to ensure the system is applied correctly.


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