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The Solution to Your Floor Coating Needs

RHINOFLOOR® has a product or system to meet your every concrete floor coating need..

RHINOFLOOR® coatings are tough and attractive. They are designed to seal and protect your concrete floor in any situation:

✓ dust-proofing a warehouse or factory
✓ delineating walkways and work areas
✓ adding sparkle to a retail space
✓ maintaining sanitary conditions in food processing plants
✓ improving lighting and noise in commercial carparks


This 2K Epoxy Resin system provides economical durability and chemical resistance.Apply to suitably prepared concrete surfaces, such as factory & warehouse floors, garages & workshops, retail office spaces.


This 2K Polyurethane system is designed specifically for use over RHINOFLOOR® epoxy products.

It offers improved abrasion resistance, reduced marking and attenuates “tyre squeal” in carparks. Both interior and exterior grades are available.

Rhinofloor® SF Premium

A solvent-free 2K Epoxy Resin system, for a seamless floor coating with high wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance and easy maintenance.With no volatile solvents, this product is ideal for application in confined spaces. Apply in any industrial / commercial location in need of a hard-wearing, hygienic, dust-free surface.

Other Products in the Rhinofloor® Range:

RHINOFLOOR®HS: High solids 2K Epoxy system, for roller application by non-professionals. May be used anywhere an easily-cleaned, durable, hygienic surface is required.
RHINOFLOOR® SL: Solvent-free 2K Self-Levelling Epoxy for a smooth, impervious finish. Particularly suited where a level surface is essential, while providing excellent resistance to both chemical and mechanical attack.
RHINOSCREED: Solvent-free 2K Epoxy used in conjunction with mineral fillers to offer a trowelling finish. For use in heavy-duty industrial situations where epoxy screed levelling is required.
SUPERGRIP: 2K Epoxy system with built-in slip resistance. Ideal for stairways, factory amenities, etc. Offers specific properties suitable for roller skating rinks.
RHINAQUA: Water-based 2K Epoxy system, exhibiting the physical and chemical strengths of traditional epoxy resin systems, with the safety and convenience of water. Ideal for use anywhere a durable, chemical resistant surface is required
RHICRYL: Solvent-based 1K acrylic sealer, exhibiting excellent resistance to both water and alkalis. Uses include sealing of concrete substrates where dusting is a problem, and a clear finish over coloured concrete.
RHINOCHLOR: Chlorinated-rubber 1K sealer, providing excellent chemical resistance and exterior durablility. Used mainly as a dust control coating, but can also be applied over damp (green) concrete to act as a concrete curing aid.
RHINOPAVE: A quick-drying, economical 1K Polyurethane paving paint, resistant to light marring and abrasion.
RHINOFIX: Solvent-free 2K Epoxy system designed for use in patching & filling of deteriorated concrete substrates.
RHINOTINT®: Solvent-free Epoxy colour pastes, for use in various Rhinofloor® epoxy resin systems. Manufactured using high durability, colourfast pigments.

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