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Paint Spray Respirators

Respirators PerthAt Park, we sincerely care about our customers. That is why offer a extensive range of PPE and Respiratory options. from a simple dust mask to full face air wash respirators we have you covered! Clients can turn to us whenever they need a protective respirator kit.


Why Use a Professional Paint Respirator?

In recent years spray paints have become more environmentally friendly as they typically feature low VOC and less overspray. However, these products in some cases have become more hazardous for the applicator. Safety is the number one priority when it comes to refinishing. That is why it is important to use a paint and dust respirator to ensure the paint technician won’t breathe in activated urethane paints.

Park Spray Paint Respirator and other Protector Respirator Kits

We supply a standard 3M filter that can filter down to three microns. We also offer a number of options for the type of professional paint respirator that you can attach a 3M filter. Choose the 3M masks for non-allergenic and comfortable wear throughout the day in the automotive shop.

To maximise the level of respiratory protection, opt for Positive Air Pressure Respirator (PAPR) systems. Respirators under this category are highly mobile. They also utilise a small fan that pushes up air to the mask instead of having the wearer to pull the air via the respirator cartridges. Needless to say, breathing becomes easier and you won’t have to fear about fumes or particles getting sucked into the mask while you are painting.

You can also turn to Park Automotive to get supplies for ear or eye protection. We offer affordable spray socks that will keep the paint from entering your ears.

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