Imron Aerospace Aviation Coatings PerthImron® Aviation Coatings

Premium quality coatings for the Aerospace and Commercial & Light Aviation industry

The full system of Axalta’s Imron Aviation Paint Coatings are designed for performance and a long life cycle in even the most demanding aviation applications. Whether you’re dealing with a Corporate Jet, Propeller or Rotary Aircraft, you can count on the coatings manufactured by Axalta Imron as some of the best coatings for some of the aviation industry’s most elite manufacturers.


Axalta’s Imron Aviation Paint Coatings are designed to meet exacting standards and precise MIL-specifications for durability, apperance and corrosion protection.  The paint products are designed and tested to exceed the most stringent standards for appearance and durability, while maintaining environmental compliance.

Axalta Imron® is an industry leading polyurethane topcoat that is designed to provide consistent, premium-quality results with superior durability, longer gloss retention and premium appearance. Aircraft painted with Axalta Imron aviation coatings may require less finish maintenance over time that could reduce your customer’s operational costs.


An Array of Colour Choices
An extensive offering of solid, metallic and pearlescent colours are available in Imron single stage and basecoat colours, designed to deliver a high gloss, long-lasting finish to keep assets looking great longer.


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