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Challenger Automotive Paint

Park Automotive are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Challenger Automotive Paint. Challenger® is a value range of ancillary products from Axalta.
The product line-up includes clear coat, primer, activator (slow, medium and fast),  multipurpose thinner and wax and grease.



Challenger is a straightforward and economical refinishing system known for its, favourable drying times, and reproducible results.

  • User-friendly
  • From spot repair to total respray
  • Fillers that are easy to sand
  • Optimised curing times
  • Wide application window
  • Effortless polishing

Challenger is part of Axalta Coating Systems, a world leader in paints and coatings. That is why Challenger can provide cost-conscious bodyshops a compact and user-friendly refinishing system that delivers lasting quality.

Park Automotive are Perth’s most well-known distributor of automotive paint supplies and has been in the business for over 30 years. We are a competitive automotive paint supplier, offering products from trusted brands.  We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of vehicle refinishing products.


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Challenger Automotive Paint Perth

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We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Axalta paint products

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