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Cromax Pro Automotive Paint


The Cromax Pro paint system is designed especially for professional bodyshop performance. Based on cutting-edge technology and formulated for optimal quality and maximum efficiency, the Cromax Pro paint system improves your productivity and helps you to increase your profitability.

With its complementary products for every step of the repair process, the Cromax Pro systems enables you to achieve outstanding results. The systems’ products –  surfacer, basecoat and clearcoat – lower your material consumption and provide superior colour accuracy.



Cromax Pro Basecoat is the most technologically advanced waterborne basecoat available today. It uses our latest resin, pigment and dispersion technologies.


  • Excellent coverage with exceptionally accurate colour matching
  • Quick and economical to use, increasing throughput and productivity
  • Can be used with all current undercoats and clearcoats
  • Comes with a dedicated and comprehensive tints and binders system
  • Large application window
  • Flexible to be used under different climate conditions and with different application techniques
  • Conforms to EU directive 2004/42/EC

Cromax Pro Basecoat is not compatible with products from the Cromax Basecoat range.

With Cromax Pro Basecoat you get a versatile basecoat that covers more quickly, gives a more accurate colour match and ultimately delivers a better end result.

Cromax Automotive Paint Perth

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Cromax Pro Auto Paint Coatings Perth

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